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Facilities Planning

Beginning in 2021, a Long-Range Planning Committee was established and tasked with identifying the current state and needs of the district. In 2022, the Board unanimously approved the Strategic Plan which included a set of Belief Statements, an updated district Mission Statement, Vision Statement and four goals to work on over the next five years. Goal #3 reads: “By 2026, our current and future space needs will be met.” 


  • South Shore School employees 41 staff members serve 214 Students ages pre-school through 12th grade. Enrollment has increased by over 20% in the last three years and at present, continues to increase.

  • The original high school building was constructed in 1979. The elementary school addition was added in 1990. Within the last 48 years, there has been only one renovation completed. 

  • Over the past 3 years, multiple in-depth professional assessments have been completed regarding the building in its entirety as well as the space needs with current and future enrollment in mind. The major findings and the suggested course of action are outlined below.

  • A community wide survey was sent out in April of 2024 to elicit feedback on education priorities, facility needs, financial support, and school district satisfaction.

  • Click HERE to see the full survey results.

Plans Below are Preliminary & Will Change

In order to visualize priorities and planning, we feel it is important for our community to be able to see visual respresentation of what a project could look like. Please know that the concept plan below is not final and will continue to change based on input from staff, students and the community. The current draft is the result of many meetings, discussions, and suggestions!